Toronto-based artist Tara Jam released a new alternative pop single, “BR*K3N TELEPHONE.”

The futuristic, eclectic song is titled after the childhood game “broken telephone,” in which a word or phrase is whispered from person to person with the original message eventually becoming distorted, despite intentions for the message to stay the same.

Tara Jams
Image via Publicist

The concept behind Jam’s song is to relate the game to real-life communication. Those on the receiving end of a message can misinterpret it, causing feels of being misunderstood or invalided. Thoughts become more filtered and less valid as they are exposed and passed through the “ears and minds” of others with their own perceptions. 

Through thoughtful lyricism and intricate instrumentals, the song describes those feelings of miscommunication, being judged, and interpersonal connection.

BR*K3N TELEPHONE” has been in the works for Jam since she was 18 years old, beginning with the lyrics written down in her journal. Producer SPVDE helped create the sultry, harmonious tone and ad-libs in the background. He was also a core part of creating the juxtaposition of the soft melody with the hard-hitting pattern of the drum and bass. 

Watch the visualizer for “BR*K3N TELEPHONE” above.