Summer Walker and London on da Track have set up an Instagram account for their first child together. The username @1princessbubblegum posted its first image two days ago, a loading screen in reference to the imminent arrival of their baby. The account already has over 2,700 followers, and only follows two people. You can probably guess who those two are. 

Walker confirmed her pregnancy in November after weeks of speculation, with an Instagram post that has since been deleted. The photo, accompanied by a series of angel emojis, showed the smiling singer holding her baby bump. Summer initially denied rumors that she was pregnant, calling people “weird” for theorizing about what was going on in her personal life based on a picture of her. She concluded that she was simply “bloated.” 

Her bump was also showcased in the black-and-white video for “Body,” which premiered back in January.  

Ever since confirming her pregnancy, Walker has periodically updated her fans with new photos of her journey. Most recently, however, it was London who shared a couple of snaps from a recent photoshoot where the two are wearing matching colors. The post included the caption, “waitin on @1princessbubblegum to arrive.”

It’s unclear when their child is due, and it hasn’t been confirmed if they are expecting a boy or girl. But if you want to be the first to know, we know which account you should probably check out from now on.