The optics haven’t been too great for Smokepurpp this week, as a video has gone viral showing him perform for a fairly empty venue. 

The Twitter-shared clip shows Purpp performing for what the tweet deems “an audience that couldn’t pack out a high school bathroom.” By the looks of it, they aren’t wrong, but the one-time XXL Freshman has explained on Instagram his reasoning for keeping the concert moving. 

“Tour been lit DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE,” Smokepurpp wrote in an Instagram tour recap. “I love what I do and ima give my fans a show regardless, I bet they won’t post this tho.. WE OUTSIDE!¡”

The low-turnout gig took place in Pontiac, Michigan at the Crowfoot during Purpp’s “We Outside Tour” on Friday, and other clips from the event show a seemingly larger crowd turnout for Purpp’s opening acts. Regardless of the crowd size, the Soundcloud-born MC persisted, and even explained in his Instagram comments why he didn’t just pull the plug. 

“There was a show that was pretty empty that I didn’t have to do,” he wrote. “But Ima give my fans a show regardless always, I wouldn’t be here without them.”

Comment from Smokepurpp on IG
Image via Instagram

The same Twitter user who first shared the video of Smokepurpp’s crowd also posted a message about his Saturday show in Cleveland being cancelled and Purpp not showing up, writing that fans were “kicked out after requesting refunds.” There was no indication of the show being cancelled on the venue’s Instagram page Tuesday. 

Also on IG, Purpp has been reposting several messages from supporters who have been uplifting him this week, and he’s mocked those who’ve questioned his ability to pull a crowd, writing “40 PeOPLe” with a handful of laughing emojis, on one Stories post.