Dinner with Jay-Z or having over $100k to blow on a trading card

Last week, a 2005 Topps “Signs Of Stardom” trading card signed by the Jigga Man was up for sale by Goldin Auctions. The 1-of-1 card was initially lingering around the $2,000 mark on the online auction site before one buyer started to heat up the race. Eventually, the sale closed at $105,780 which is the most spent on any non-sport/TCG card.

“An all-time record for any non-sports/TCG card,” the auction site said in an Instagram post.

Jay-Z’s success outside of rap only adds to the legend he created by being one of the best MCs to ever do it. His status as a cross-cultural icon was evident by the bread that was blown to secure this trading card. Along with Hov, a Giannis Antetokounmpo Precious Metal Gems rookie card sold for nearly $100,000. Also, a 1992 Little Sun High School prospect card signed by Derek Jeter sold for over $60,000 which is the most spent on any Jeter card.