Drake and Lil Wayne Are Going to Have Trading Cards As Part of Their Tour

You know you want them.

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Drake and Lil Wayne will soon be embarking on their highly-anticipated summer tour, with tickets going on sale this week. Or if you're a real die-hard fan, then you already know about the VIP ticket pre-sale going down right now.

Among the perks of the pre-sale are a Lil Wayne beach towel, a hat, a tote bag, and some trading cards. Yes, trading cards. We haven't see these mysterious cards yet, but we imagine they are like Pokemon and you're able to leisurely trade them with your friends. Maybe one has a picture of Wayne sipping on some sizzurp? Or one of Drake smoking some hookah?

The tour is sponsored by Capcom and features a Street Fighter theme, so is it possible the cards below are a sample of what fans will get? Will they rank Wayne and Drake's different abilities? The extent of Capcom's role in the tour is not known at this time.

Are you excited to see what the Drake vs Lil Wayne trading cards end up looking like?

[via Ticketmaster]

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