Bobby Shmurda is catching flak for how he danced in some of his latest music videos.

In a new interview with DJ Akademiks, the host brings up this fact, saying Shmurda is being criticized for his dancing being too “zesty” and for “twerking.”

“We be laughing at that shit,” Shmurda told Akademiks. “You know what it is? … You talkin’ about the n****s or the girls, which one? … It gotta be the n****s. … Those be the n****s that are like, ‘This n***a Bobby over here taking all the bitches, son. … It’s those type of shits, man.”

Akademiks pointed out that people initially liked Shmurda because he was dancing, but now he’s doing it with his shirt off, to which the rapper laughed. “The difference is n****s work out for n****s,” the GS9 member explained. “When I be up in jail, I see n****s working out, right? And they’d be like, ‘I’m ready to knock somebody out.’” Shmurda makes a motion of lifting weights, and said, “Get your ass away from me, n***a. I’m ready to knock some p*ssy out.”

One of the most recent music videos in question, which Shmurda teased on Instagram in October, sees him shirtless on a boat, surrounded by women. “Trappin is a sport yea yea nd she call me lil daddy,” he captioned the clip.

He can be seen dancing in the video, with some followers commenting on his moves, calling them “sus,” saying he’s “twerking,” and asking why he’s “shakin” his hips.