OVO favourite Roy Woods has just dropped a new music video for his latest single “Touch You” and it’s a summery, Toronto-themed vibe.

The lust-filled track is his first release of 2021, and on it he laments lockdown and longs for sunny, sandy days. “Fuck a COVID-19/Long as I get to see that body on a beach/Oh, and your lil’ two-piece/Tryna see you in the Bahamas, under the seas,” he sings.

“This song is important because of how relatable it is. We are all still dealing with the effects of the pandemic, whether you are still living in lockdown like in Toronto, or you are experiencing the aftermath of the shift in culture that took place as a result,” Woods tells Complex. “COVID-19 has affected us all. I wanted to create a song that shed light on this so none of us felt alone in trying to get through it.”

In the vid, Woods moves from grooving in the studio to frolicking on the beach, fuelled by escapism. It’s the perfect track for lounging around and enjoying warm weather.