While speaking with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson, Memphis Bleek was asked whether he would want to see a Verzuz battle between Jay-Z and Nas.

Bleek responded with a “no” and said that he doesn’t think Nas has enough songs to compete against Hov.

“Nas don’t have enough songs to compete,” Memphis Bleek explained during the chat. “And it’s no disrespect to him, he just don’t – like, he just don’t. Jay can battle somebody with just his B-side concert catalog and it’ll still be better than some people’s A-side.”

When Scoop B followed that by asking who Bleek feels would be a good opponent, the rapper said that only Biggie would have worked.

“It would have to be somebody like Big. That was his only competition that I’ve ever seen that he even felt that was competition,” Bleek said. “And he knew when they went and did ‘Brooklyn’s Finest.’ Like, Jay knew that I had to go in the studio with the best-best of me ever because I’m rhymin’ with one of the best from Brooklyn. I’m not gonna let this dude dog walk me on my own record.”