Megan Thee Stallion has made herself a household name in a short amount of time, and she’s aiming to be mentioned alongside the rap greats.

In a new cover story for Harper’s Bazaar, Megan sat down to talk about her goals for the future among other topics. The Good News-creator revealed that she made it a goal two years ago to become a household name within five years, and with that already achieved she’s set her sights on the future.

As Megan spoke on the way Houston is “throbbing” with culture-influencing art, the icons of her city “roll off her tongue,” Lauren Michele Jackson writes. “Slim Thug, Bun B, Paul Wall, Z-Ro, the S.U.C. … BeatKing.”

Meg continued from there: “I feel like when it’s all said and done, when people want to talk about female rap…they are definitely going to have to put my name up there with the OGs.”

She’s already featured on a No. 1 song, “WAP” with Cardi B, but first and foremost she considers herself a rapper over a pop star. “Rap will always be my heart,” she said. “That’s really what I love to do.”

Elsewhere in the profile, she spoke about how her debut album Good News came together, recording most of it in her living room. “I feel like I was tested,” she said, “and I’ve passed.” She also teased that her next record will feature one of her patented personas. “My next project, I’m not going to tell you all who it’s going to be, but she got something,” she added.

Alongside her music career, Thee Stallion has also been studying health administration at Texas Southern, taking online classes. “I cannot wait, I’m going to have the biggest graduation party,” she said of nearing the end of her degree. “But when all of this happened,” she reflected about the pandemic, “I’m like, ‘Wow, so nobody is going to see me walk across the stage?’”

The “Body” and “Cry Baby” artist also found time to balance her courses with press junkets leading up to and following her album release. “This semester, I was like, ‘Four classes, let’s go,’” Megan said. She’s on track to graduate this fall and has shared her plans to open an assisted living facility in her in Houston.

Ahead of the Grammys, where she has four nominations including Best New Artist, she admitted she’s feeling at peace instead of anxious. “This is the calmest it’s ever been, but it was crazy for a long time,” she revealed, referring to her impressive time-management. “I like a little chaos in my life. I like to feel like, ‘Oh my gosh, I have to do this.’” 

Read the full Harper’s Bazaar cover story here, and check out Megan Thee Stallion’s latest, “Southside Forever Freestyle,” below:

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