Lupe Fiasco clapped back at trolls on Twitter Saturday after they poked fun at the first-week sales numbers of his last studio album, 2018’s Drogas Wave, using some poetry in the process. 

“My longevity is based on inconveniencing listeners, it’s the price both of us have to pay if we gone keep it a kicker,” Lupe wrote Saturday afternoon during a lengthy run of timeline freestyles. “You can be Huey P even if the seat isn’t wicker, but the breakfast gotta be free so come eat wit ya n***a, fresh outta bed with heaters and slippers.”

In response, a Twitter user wrote “nice longevity g” and shared a screenshot of a Google search regarding Lupe’s sales, showing the 4,951 copies sold that brought the record to a No. 60 debut on the Billboard 200. Lupe was quick to respond. 

“Numbers never lie they be telling a true, I hold up 60 like im Nipsey, and celebrate 60 like it’s a number 1 for n****s that’ll never debut,” Lupe wrote. “Truly independent sales that shit really a grind, a couple less I could’ve been 61 a couple more I could’ve been 59.”

For the last  day or so, Lupe has been tweeting raps on the timeline, while sharing that “Champagne Poetry” was his favorite song off of Drake’s new album Certified Lover Boyeven asking fans to pass him over the beat when they find it. It’s unclear wheteher the bars Lupe is tweeting would work over the new Drizzy track, but it seems like he’s just cracking his knuckles.

Check out his tweet run below.