Lil Snupe’s mother, Denesha Ross, responded after the late rapper’s father raised questions about his son’s gravesite. 

In a post to her IGTV this week, Ross explained why her son doesn’t have a headstone, saying that she didn’t want to give Lil Snupe a large headstone because she would then have to accept that he’s dead.

“Snupe does not have a headstone due to my personal reasons,” she says around 1 minute into the video above. “Taking this journey is hard sometimes and what I never wanted to accept was that Snupe was dead. And, the hardest thing to realize is that he is never coming back. So that is the reason he does not have a headstone.”

Lil Snupe’s father, Charlie Brown, was incarcerated when Snupe was tragically murdered in 2013. When he was released this month, he decided to visit his son’s grave for the first time. Upon seeing that Snupe didn’t have a headstone, he called out his son’s former label boss Meek Mill as well as Jay-Z for lack of headstone. He also took aim at other famous rappers. 

“Ain’t been no rappers down here that was fucking with Lil Snupe? One of them n***as in the rap game? One of them major ass n***as?” he asked in a now-deleted Instagram video of him visiting his son’s grave. “Y’all dudes say y’all solid, man. … Snupe wouldn’t have did y’all like that, bruh.”

In her response, Ross claimed that Brown knew Snupe didn’t have a headstone and that his antics are just his attempt to be famous. 

“It’s all a show. It’s for show,” she said. “It’s been rehearsed. Basically, he’s having people coach him on what he thinks will work because he’s determined to be famous. … Snupe’s dad went to that grave on a fluke. [He] knew we had a discussion about Snupe’s headstone.”