During an interview with Willie D and Scarface on the Geto Boys Reloaded podcast, Lil Keke revealed that Drake paid him to interpolate his lyrics on “November 18th.”

“People used to be like, 'Man, did you—,' I didn't miss out on nothin' that God had for me," said Keke. "I didn't miss out on no money, Drake came back and paid me for a sample 25 years later and he didn't even sample nothin'. He just paid me for something that he said. He said, 'I'm draped up and dripped out.' Just for him saying, 'I'm draped up and dripped out,' he cut me a check and gave me a royalty, just for sayin' it."

As Keke pointed out, Drake did not sample the DJ Screw and Keke track “Pimp Tha Pen,” which was later sampled by Bun B on his song “Draped Up” but he did interpolate a portion of the track on his So Far Gone song “November 18th.”

"He didn't sample it, he just said it,” he added. The three of them went on to pay respect to Drizzy, with one of the hosts calling him a “humble cat.” 

The bridge for the So Far Gone song samples the 1996 DJ Screw tape, which appeared on his 3 N Tha Mornin’ tape. “Draped up, dripped out, know what I’m talking ‘bout,” he raps on “November 18th” in a direct nod to the opening line of “Pimp Tha Pen.” “3 in the morning, get it popping in the parking lot.”