Lil Durk’s Neighborhood Heroes Foundation is helping supply inmates in his home state with hand sanitizer amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Durk’s organization teamed up with the Illinois Department of Corrections and the non-profit Chicago Votes to help supply the prisons with 29,000 bottles of hand sanitizer.

“The pandemic has amplified issues that impact our incarcerated community members and access to a healthy environment is undoubtedly one of them,” Neighborhood Heroes said on its Instagram. “Having access to hand sanitizer is crucial because access to clean water in IDOC is very limited. Thank you to IDOC and @chicagovotes for working with us on this 💙.”

Speaking of water issues, in March the IDOC and the Illinois Department of Public Health issued a statement in March citing that bacteria had been found in the water supply.

Durk also shared a statement about the donation and how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting people who are incarcerated or working at prison facilities. 

“It’s obvious, those locked up or working at a correctional facility are going to be at a higher risk of exposure to COVID-19,” Durk said. “At the end of the day, this disease ain’t to be played with, and everyone should have the basic hygiene necessities to help prevent catching this virus. It only made sense for my foundation (Neighborhood Heroes) to collaborate with Chicago Votes and IDOC.”

Durk’s Neighborhood Heroes Foundation has worked with several other charitable organizations to help his native city of Chicago, as well as other communities in need.