Kid Cudi returned to Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show on Tuesday, complete with a performance of his recently unveiled Ty Dolla Sign collab “Willing to Trust.”

Cudi also joined Fallon for a couch chat during which he touched on his Red Hot Chili Peppers-inspired Esquire shoot and his special request to Ti West for a “mommy edit” of X.

“She was hearing all these good things about it,” Cudi said when revealing what led up to his mother receiving a personalized edit of the film, which sees Cudi starring as a porn actor by the name of Jackson Hole. “She was just like, ‘Man, I wanna see it.’ I was like, well, let me hit up Ti West and see if it’s possible to make, like, a mommy edit of the movie that has no sex included at all and it’s just nothing but gore and madness. So he said, ‘Let me see what I can do’ and he hit me up two days later like, ‘What’s your mom’s address? I’m gonna send it to her house.’”

Elsewhere, Cudi opened up about the language he and his daughter have developed, as well as reflected on the impending launch of Entergalactic. Per Cudi, “the music came first,” while the project’s cross-platform approach was inspired by his own boredom with the traditional approach to album cycles.

“I was kinda, like, bored of doing the same old thing with albums, like kinda releasing the album, doing two or three music videos tops, and then that be the end of it,” Cudi told Fallon. “I wanted something, just a bigger splash this time around. I thought about the idea to splice the music with the animation but have the music kind of narrate the story, you know, something that hasn’t really been done before. And that’s kind of why we’ve been calling it, like, a TV event.”

The TV event debuts on Netflix this Friday, while the album component will also be made available simultaneously. Above, see a recently released behind-the-scenes special featuring insight from some of the voice cast. For Cudi and Ty’s “Willing to Trust” performance, see below.