Genre-bending is nothing new for Canadian hip-hop mainstay k-os. He continues to do so seamlessly on his version of The Cars’ 1978 power-pop hit “Just What I Needed”.

“Transcending music genres has always been a fun task I’ve undertaken as a music creator. In my search for new genres to play in power pop remains the most foreign, an elusive,” says k-os. “It’s a mood you can’t fake. Covering an anthem like ‘Just What I Needed’ by The Cars is a truly dream come true!”

K-os is no stranger to playing with different genres, and has played with some of Canada’s biggest indie stars like Feist, Broken Social Scene, and Metric.

While keeping many of the elements that made the original a classic, k-os adds a rap verse both over the main synth line and in place of the guitar solo. The guitars have a bit more drive than the original, making the cover familiar yet refreshing.

“If you cover a song like this correctly, you come away from it understanding something secret that the original artists hid inside the song… It’s definitely the type of music I should be releasing to help entertain human beings while in pandemic lockdown.”

“Just What I Needed” follows in the ’70s-inspired footsteps of last year’s disco-drenched single SUPERNOVAS. k-os also released his EP Boshido last year, featuring collaborations with Kaytranada, which broke his five-year hiatus from music.