Kaytranada—the Haitian-born, Quebec-raised DJ and producer—started out messing with music on the family computer in his basement. Using production software, and posting his music online, Kaytra's use of technology helped him bring his unique sound into the real world. Years later the high school dropout's music can be heard on dance floors around the globe.

In our new episode of The Culture, Jinx visits Kaytranada at his parent’s home in Montreal to get the backstory on how he used a DIY approach to turn his dream into a reality, and the importance of his debut album 99.9%.

If you dive into Kaytranada’s catalog, you get the sense that he’s always pushing the boundaries for what his sound is, and it’s something that comes natural. “I don’t think about doing new, I just do it,” he says. “I keep on doing me, so that’s what the signature is.”

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— Complex (@Complex) September 20, 2017

Kaytranada also shares advice for those looking for motivation to do something special, whether it’s in music or another passion. “It’s pretty much about doing what you love and following your dreams. It sounds really corny, but it’s so real. Deep down you know what you want, and you should go for it.”

Check out the full episode of The Culture with Kaytranada above, and if you’re still sleeping on 99.9% grab it here.