Juice WRLD’s team announced that another posthumous project from the late rapper is on the way.

In a recent interview, Juice WRLD’s team announced that a new EP The Party Never Ends will include features from Lil Uzi Vert and a few other heavy hitters, and they demanded that leakers not ruin the moment by leaking tracks or holding them ransom. Additionally, Juice is set to appear in his own HBO documentary, but details on both projects remain scarce at this time.

The late MC has been popping up all over recently. Juice appeared just this week on Migos Culture III and Maroon 5’s new project Jordiand his team recently dropped a deluxe anniversary edition of his debut Goodbye & Good Riddance to celebrate the album’s third birthday. The re-release featured a remix of Lucid Dreams with Lil Uzi, as well as a new solo track, “734.”

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been all good news for Juice WRLD’s estate as of late. The producer Ghost Loft also recently filed a lawsuit against the rapper’s team, claiming that Juice knowingly ripped off 16 bars from his song “So High.” The producer, real name Danny Choi, claimed that Juice and Mitch Mula were the only credited songwriters on the song “Scared of Love,” which appeared on Juice’s debut. Choi also claims that Mula allegedly confessed to the producer at a later date that they had indeed sampled his beat. In response, Choi is suing Mula, Juice WRLD’s mother and the executioner of his estate Carmella Wallace.