Toronto’s Jazz Cartier is finally back after three whole years with his sophomore album, The Fleur Print

On the colourful project, the rapper has teamed up with a roster of artists who he’s never worked with before, resulting in fresh features from Buddy, KYLE, Kari Faux and more. The Fleur Print is a family affair for me,” Cartier tells Complex. “All my friends, from producers to artists came through for me, which I’m most happy about.”

Immersed in the sounds of Los Angeles, the newly independent Cartier has grown more sonically experimental than ever before. The sleek and smooth track “History” that features AzizTheShake uses a completely flipped sample of Brent Faiyaz’s “Lovely” that tells a sensual and sultry story about seducing a lover, and the instantly catchy “Rock The Boat” with KYLE, which namedrops everyone from Aaliyah to Lupita Nyong’o, is dancefloor-ready.

The 10-track project is filled with the playful lyricism that listeners have come to know from Cartier, and closes out with the bouncy track “Basement” on which his wordplay gets wild and witty: “Stay sharp, no razor, on the clock like Flava/Transform like Frieza, I don’t need new freezer.”

Recently, Complex caught up with Cartier to talk about his new Diddy-produced show, his upcoming skincare line, and everything fans needed to know about The Fleur Print.

Check out the album below.