Just a few weeks after launching his independent label I Can’t Feel My Face, Juelz Santana might be getting ready to drop some new music.

On Friday, Funk Flex issued a challenge to the Dipset rapper, giving Juelz six days to send him a new song.

“Juelz Santana, you’ve been home for a few years now,” Flex said on air. “I am tired and I am exhausted, and we want a new Juelz Santana song. Juelz, I give you six days to get me a new Juelz Santana song. Do you accept the challenge, yes or no?!”

“You sittin’ on a lot of money. You came home, you created a multi-million dollar business, congratulations!” Flex continued. “We want the music. If anyone knows Juelz Santana, I challenge him to get me a song by next Thursday. Let me know if you going to accept the challenge, bruh.”

Shortly after The Hip-Hop Wolf reposted the clip on Instagram, Juelz jumped in the comment section to accept Funk Flex’s offering. “Let’s gooo,” Santana wrote.

Earlier this month, Juelz announced the launch of his new independent label I Can’t Feel My Face.

“What started out as a mixtape title with Lil Wayne turned into something much more,” Santana said in a press release, referring to the pair’s long-rumored collaborative project that shares the same name as the Dipset member’s label. 

The I Can’t Feel My Face label’s logo was recently teased by Juelz on social media, featuring a zombified baby wearing Santana’s signature red, white, and blue bandana

The label’s roster currently includes artists such as Santana’s nephew Young Ja, Ski, and Caesar. In addition to operating as a music label, I Can’t Feel My Face plans to double as a media hub featuring clothing and weed products, both of which will embody the Santana lifestyle.