In a recent interview with GQ, Freddie Gibbs revealed that he uses Instagram burner accounts to taunt other rappers in their comments section.

“N****s become irrelevant because they stop learning and being sponges to the game,” Gibbs says, admitting that he spends time online studying his rapping peers. “I eat, sleep, and breathe this shit, every day. I’m looking at what everybody’s doing. I’m getting on fake Instagram pages leaving comments like, ‘That shit is wack.’ I’m doing all kinds of bullshit, taunting people.”

Of course, it’s not the first time the 38-year-old rapper’s relationship with social media has been in the headlines. Last December, he was kicked off Instagram, saying that the temporary ban was the “end of an era.”

A few weeks later, during an appearance on the hit Showtime series Desus and Mero, Gibbs explained what led to his Instagram ban. “They said I’m an excessive bully, they said I put too much nudity and sexual behavior, but really they say I’m bullying niggas, that’s what I get flagged for everyday. So I’m like, ‘Who the fuck am I bullying?’”

With his ban now lifted, let’s hope Gibbs can re-focus his energy on prepping a follow-up to last year’s critically acclaimed album, Alfredo

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