Freddie Gibbs has tapped Schoolboy Q for his latest single, “Gang Signs.”

For this track, the Gary, Indiana native channels his Midwest roots by crafting a melody that’s reminiscent of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and Do or Die. In fact, he even references the Chicago trio in the song’s chorus.

“Every day I need a dope flip, I was on some broke shit, n**ga was a po pimp Do or Die,” Freddie sings. “N**ga play me on some hoe, might as well killed his motherfucking self, it’s a suicide… I ain’t new to this shit, I’m true to this shit, Bitch I’m true to this shit/And every morning I wake up and throw a gang sign.”

After pairing the hook with an equally potent verse, Gibbs hands the song over to Q. 

“At the GRAMMYs still strapped, aye/I’m glowing cause a n**ga straight, I’m happier than yesterday/We ‘bout to beat the homie’s case, tears on his daughter face/I’m just trying to help with what I make,” Schoolboy raps. “Is it just feelings or rap lines/He get wetty and baptized/No white man gone save mine/Belt won’t help my waistline/Still gone die for my Groove Line.”

The single was produced by Working on Dying and comes on the heels of Freddie being forced to take his talents to Twitter. Historically, Gibbs’s Instagram story was the source of crude—but hilarious—content. Yet after violating the guidelines one too many times, Gibbs’s page was removed from the site by Facebook. But, this hasn’t slowed him down. 

Listen to Freddie Gibbs’ “Gang Signs” featuring Schoolboy Q below.