Freddie Gibbs resorted to Twitter following his ban from Instagram, and now the Bandana rapper has explained what exactly resulted in his ban. Appearing on Desus & Mero, Gibbs explained the reason he was given for his ban, and theorized which celebrity might have gotten his account deleted.

“They kicked me off the motherfuckin’ ‘Gram,” he said, before relaying the explanation he was provided after his ban. “They said I'm an excessive bully, they said I put too much nudity and sexual behavior, but really they say I'm bullying n***as, that's what I get flagged for everyday. So I'm like, 'Who the fuck am I bullying?'"

As for who he might have been bullying, Gibbs shrugged and suggested he has no idea and thinks “real people be writing letters to Instagram.”

Since he’s migrated to Twitter, he’s been using the relatively new Fleets function, which he’s admitted he’s used for “talking shit.” He adds, “I think LL Cool J got my Instagram taken down cause I was talking shit about him. I was just making jokes…I love LL.”

Mero chimed in by saying LL is just a very serious man, to which Gibbs replied, “Yo LL, your old ass better not take shit too serious with me. Don’t play. Take these motherfuckin’ jokes! Or set up the box like Jake Paul in this motherfucker.” 

In an interview with Complex, Gibbs shared a similiar sentiment regarding his Instagram ban. “Man, you’ve got to be a gangsta ass n***a to get banned from Instagram, man," he said. "I want my page back now. Y’all might as well give me my shit back. I’m the best motherfucker on there, on the low. But I think that they said I was doing a lot of bullying and nudity and all that type of shit, but that shit was all out of entertainment, man. Hopefully they’ll give me my [account] back."

Fans recently suggested Gibbs go up against Pusha-T in a Verzuz battle, but he shot the idea down and instead suggested a collaborative album. "I saw a lot of people comparing us two, but I don't really like comparing myself to Pusha-T because I look up to Pusha-T," Gibbs told Desus and Mero. "I wouldn't do no Verzuz, I ain't even a Verzuz type of artist, so I wouldn't even get into that realm of things. I like watching, I like laughing at it, but I would never do one. ... I would definitely do a project with Pusha-T, one of my favorite rappers, so. ... We rap about some of the same shit so why not? It only makes sense."  

Elsewhere in the interview, Gibbs touched on his beef with Jeezy and suggested he’s willing to put their issues behind them. “I mean, if I see that n***a we'll just smoke a blunt," he said, echoing his recent sentiments on the topic. "Post-COVID, if you good with the vaccine we can smoke a blunt. But if we pull up, we can smoke a blunt, he can have a blunt, I can have my blunt and we can just chill. ... We grown men we've got money, it's all love, man."

Watch the full interview with Desus and Mero above.