UPDATED 8/5, 9:28 a.m. ET: Fetty Wap and his ex’s daughter Lauren, 4, reportedly died due to “heart defect complications.”

In a new report shared Thursday, TMZ wrote that Lauren’s death certificate says she passed due to a cardiac arrhythmia caused by complications from congenital cardiac anomalies. As the report notes, she had the heart issue since birth. She died on June 24 in Georgia.

Lauren’s mother, who goes by @fineassturquoise on Instagram and has taken issue with her government name being revealed amid the news, confirmed what the death certificate says in a post, but shared that there’s more to the story. “But that is not the full cause of her death that is why the autopsy hasn’t come back! How dare y’all go steal my child’s death certificate and announce the cause of death before anybody was ready. There is a reason why! Her autopsy isn’t back yet asshole @tmz_tv @hollywoodunlocked.”

In her caption she added the early cause of death reports are “the most disrespectful shit y’all could ever do to a human being. … And [they] have the audacity to PUT MY GOVERNMENT NAME that has not been on the internet, on the Internet DO Y’ALL SMOKE CRACK!?”

In several Stories posts, she also said, “Y’all love breaking news so bad but this is my life and it’s me without my daughter not none of y’all! I feel the loneliness every night not none of y’all! Y’all so fuckin thirsty to report a 4 year old. This is my trauma that is why I posted and moved HOW I FELT COMFORTABLE!”

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Fetty Wap took to Instagram Live Tuesday, where shared an emotional tribute to his late, 4-year-old daughter Lauren Maxwell, whose death her mother announced over the weekend

During the Live, Fetty showed off a photo of Lauren and asked his fans to populate his feed with butterfly emojis, which apparently were his daughter’s favorite. The 30-year-old rapper also called Lauren his “shorty,” and referred to her as his “little twin.”

“She’s good. My baby’s happy now,” Fetty said. 

As fans began to share butterfly emojis with the “Trap Queen” rapper, he seemed overwhelmed with emotion, and remarked that his daughter would be “happy” with the outpouring.,

“That’s love. I appreciate ya’ll, for real. Damn,” he said. “That’s love. She’d be happy as hell.”