On Wednesday, five alleged Chicago gang members were charged in a racketeering conspiracy that also involved the murder of rapper FBG Duck in 2020.

As the Chicago Tribune reported, reputed gang members Charles “C Murda” Liggins, Kenneth Roberson, Christopher Thomas, Tacarlos Offerd, and Marcus Smart have been charged with committing murder in aid of racketeering. The five were also hit with a number of firearms offenses. Roberson was already in state custody, while the other four were arrested on Wednesday.

Per the 11-page indictment, the defendants are allegedly members of the O-Block gang from Chicago’s South Side, a subsection of the Black Disciples gang. Among the alleged violent incidents in the indictment is the murder of FBG Duck (born Carlton Weekly) in August 2020. Police have indicated Weekly was a member of the Gangster Disciples, which had a longstanding feud with the Black Disciples. 

Shortly before the 11-page indictment was unsealed on Wednesday, Duck’s mother Sheena Weekly went on Instagram Live to say her son’s killers had been taken into custody.

“They arrested the four motherfuckers who killed my son,” she said. 

FBG Duck was killed by four gunmen in broad daylight outside a clothes store on East Oak Street in Chicago. Police said two cars pulled up in front of the rapper, and four shooters jumped out and open fire. Duck was taken to a hospital nearby, where he was later pronounced dead.

Two other people, including Duck’s girlfriend, suffered from gunshot injuries during the shooting. His affiliate BCR Meezle, who is also reported to be Duck’s cousin, was killed in a shooting just six months later.

After it was reported that five alleged gang members were hit with RICO charges that also involved the murder of FBG Duck, the late rapper’s mother Sheena Weekly has opened up.

In an interview for the Drea O Show, hosted by Complex’s Drea Oppan, Weekly said that she’s feeling “numb” following the news of the charges. “I can’t even describe it, I just wanna thank everybody that was there for me,” she said. “I wasn’t going to stop advocating for my son. … I was showing my grief through my actions.” 

When she first got the call, she said she was half-asleep and she wasn’t even aware of who the suspects were until the charges were unveiled. “One of them was implicated in [another] killing,” she added. “He never personally did nothing to none of these [guys].”