Six years after they released their first collaboration, “Sneakin” in 2016, Drake and 21 Savage have united for a collaboration album.

On Her Loss, Drake takes the lead, contributing two-thirds of the vocals himself (according to a breakdown by HipHopNumbers on Twitter) while Savage plays more of a supporting role. Beyond the duo, Travis Scott is the only additional collaborator, showing up on “Pussy & Millions.”

Before Her Loss, Drake and Savage were on a hot streak together, releasing two hit songs (“Jimmy Cooks” and Knife Talk”) in the past year alone. Now that it’s here, the big question is: were they able to keep that energy throughout a full 16-song project? After a few initial spins, members of the Complex Music staff—Jordan Rose, Jessica McKinney, and Eric Skelton—shared their first impressions of the album.