Daphne Joy responded to 50 Cent after the Queens rapper and father of her child perpetuated an unsubstantiated rumor on Instagram involving Joy and Diddy.

Joy initially responded when 50 Cent took to Instagram to post a picture of him and their shared son Sire Jackson, while accusing her of galavanting with Diddy.

“Please stop doing this to me. I never bother you and I’m an outstanding mother to our son. Can we please just focus on that. Please,” Joy wrote in the comments section. 

The photo–which depicts the G-Unit leader and Sire wearing sunglasses and staring at the camera straight-faced–also sees Joy engaging with Diddy, according to 50 Cent. 

“Oh shit, that’s your mommy over there with Puffy. LOL,” 50 Cent wrote in the caption. “Remember what i told you the other day, these b!tche’s be crazy. SMH.”

50 Cent’s trolling only added fuel to the fire, as questions of an alleged affair between Joy and Diddy had already begun swirling after the former posted a video of herself enjoying Diddy’s iHeartRadio Music Festival performance on Saturday. Joy thought it best to issue a lengthier response to the allegations.

“I hate speaking about my private life on social media. But I feel it needs to be addressed,” she wrote in a post shared to her Instagram. “I’m so tired of my narrative being what it is. I was in a two-year relationship 10+ years ago, and out of the relationship, God blessed me with a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Although my child’s father and I parted ways, I shifted my focus on my son’s well-being emotionally, spiritually, and everything in between.”

She continued, “I’ve healed privately, matured, have been closer to God than ever before, and really appreciating this life. I just want to be happy and be left alone. We are all human, and you never know where life can take you. I value and cherish anyone I bring into my life, and when I finally show a glimpse of my happiness, I feel attacked for it. I’m so tired of defending my character, being prejudged, and constantly being villainized. I’m not doing anything wrong I wish no ill to anyone. I just want to be happy. Thank you, and God bless.”

Ray J replied to the post after it had been reshared by The Shade Room, writing in the comments: “Story of my life!!”

The latest claims come after a photo of Diddy and Joy surfaced back in 2021, with 50 Cent commenting at the time, “Nah me and puff fight over business shit. If he like the girl, he like the girl I don’t give a f*ck !”

50 and Joy’s 10-year-old son, Sire, was born in September 2012, and will soon star alongside his father in his upcoming horror film Skill House, which is set to be released in 2023.