UPDATED 03/03/21 4:30 p.m. ET: Following the news that an owner of a home in Runyon Canyon, California had filed a lawsuit against DaBaby, footage of the incident has surfaced.

In a clip shared by Daily Mail, the man in question, Gary Pagar, can be seen stumbling to the ground after an associate of the rapper appears to grab him. Someone else comes over to stop the commotion, while DaBaby and Jake Paul can be seen watching from a nearby car. The clip in question does not show some of the more serious accusations that Pagar has leveled against DaBaby and his crew.

Pagar is asking for $117,910 in damages for the incident, and claims the rapper and his entourage damaged the upholstery in his property. 

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DaBaby’s legal issues continue. 

The owner of a Runyon Canyon, California vacation rental home, Gary Pagar, sued DaBaby on Monday after the rapper allegedly stole his phone and assaulted him in December 2020. Per Variety, Pagar claims that DaBaby rented the home under the condition that he would only have 12 people on site to keep in line with COVID-19 regulations. Yet when he brought 40 people to the home to shoot a video, he violated the lease agreement. The lease also claims that the property can’t be used for commercial purposes. 

Pagar went to the property to try to shut the shoot down, but he was met with opposition from an unknown assailant. He then alleges that the rapper got out of the car and chased him into the house. Pager claims that DaBaby warned him to not call the police and punched him in the mouth, knocking out a tooth and leaving him bloody. Pager also states that he was spat on and that the alleged taunted him by playing catch with his phone.

Another person ended up calling the police, forcing DaBaby and his associates to flee. According to the lawsuit, the rapper took Pager’s phone and “valuable kitchenware” when they left. The crew also reportedly left thousands of dollars in damage—including a destroyed security camera—and haven’t paid the full rental bill.

It’s unclear how much Pager is seeking in damages, but the property owner also names DaBaby’s manager, Kinsza Virgil, in the suit. The single that the visual was for has not been revealed. However, the victim did say that Jack Paul was on the set in a car with DaBaby and Paul appeared in the video for Stunna4Vegas’s single “Play U Lay,” which was released in December.