DMX was one of music’s most successful acts at the height of his career. Yet despite this, the rapper reportedly left behind an estate that is worth under $1 million. 

Five of DMX’s 15 children came together to file two separate court documents to estimate their father’s estate. Two of X’s daughters, Sasha Simmons and Jada Oden, filed the first docs in Westchester County on May 10. The second Surrogate’s Court filing came from three of the rapper’s sons, Xavier, Tacoma, and Sean Simmons, on May 21.

According to the sons, X’s estate is valued at a little under $1 million, while his daughters’ legal team believes the rapper was only worth less than $50,000 when he passed. These low numbers may come as a shock to fans. When X formally broke into the scene in 1998, he quickly became hip-hop’s biggest artist. He famously released two No. 1 albums in the same calendar year and strung together five consecutive No. 1 albums spanning from his introduction to 2003. In all, DMX sold more than 74 million records worldwide. 

Outside of music, X became a cultural figure. He made his film debut in Hype Williams’ cult classic Belly and starred alongside Jet Li and Steven Seagal in various action flicks. Unfortunately, X’s life was plagued by demons including a drug addiction that led to arrests and stints in rehab. He also had a large family to feed, leading to a hefty child support bill. This and other possible mismanagement could’ve aided the current state of X’s estate. 

Due to DMX’s timeless discography, sources believe the estate will increase dramatically as the years progress. As a result, the groups led by X’s sons and daughters are jockeying for administrative control of the estate. Their respective lawyers refuse to comment on the current estimated amount at this time.