After an altercation took place in front of Blueface’s home last month between his family and his girlfriend, Chrisean Rock, the rapper’s sister is sharing that her husband has left her. 

Kali Miller, Blueface’s sister, took to Twitter to reveal the news over the weekend, as HotNewHipHop reports. 

“My husband left me,” she wrote. “Pray for me.”

The tweet came after Miller was involved in the altercation, which was captured in images circulating the web last week. The fight reportedly included Blueface, his mother, Karlissa Saffold, and Rock—as Miller wrote that her husband was ambushed as well. After the altercation, Saffold wrote that her son will “never bring that person around my family again,”​​​​​ as she revealed injuries allegedly from the incident. 


“It’s F everyone no cap. I did what I did for my mom,” Miller recently wrote on her Instagram Stories. “I respect myself at the end of the day because if the roles were reversed you would have done the same. At least I can wake up in the morning knowing I can stand on my values. Anyone disagree you a bihh.”

Miller also shared a text exchange with Rock, who allegedly said she was trying to “defend herself” against Blueface’s mother. She added, according to the texts, that “the devil sucked me into drama I didn’t ask for,” and that Blueface’s mother’s heart “isn’t pure” at times.

“I rlly hope u OK n strong mentally n emotionally to get through this,” Blueface’s girlfriend reportedly wrote to his sister. “I’m battling depression too I’m sorry this happened. N I forgive u I hope you can see where I’m coming from, I apologize for hitting u up I’m prolly the last person you wan hear from but I can feel u n hear u.”

Still, Miller was not accepting the apology, writing that “I’ll never forgive you and it’s still on spot every time,” and that she ended up getting into an argument with her husband’s mother over the incident. 

“Through it all I still pray forgiveness for you and him after that, I don’t want the wrath of God to strike y’all,” Miller wrote over text. “… I pray healing over whatever it is in y’all spirit that got y’all movin in such a demonic way, be healed in the name of Jesus.”