The music of Usher is all about you—er, U. For 20 years, Usher Raymond has brought out the best of pop music in R&B, creating Billboard single after Billboard single. We can guarantee you listened to his tracks at your early school dances, then college make-out sessions, and, later still, breakups and make-ups and everything in between. Usher is a master in the art of love and girls. It's worth mentioning that he's been making mixing music since he was rocking baby fat and ribbed turtlenecks on the cover of his debut album as a 16-year-old—he's grown up while we've grown up with him. 

At 36, Usher can count seven albums among his many accomplishments, which means you have a large body of work to consider when selecting his best songs. Given the way hip-hop and pop have changed over the last two decades, you have a variety of styles to select from, too. There's Baby Usher. Jermaine Dupri Usher. Neptunes Usher. Chilli's Usher. Crunk Usher. Justin Bieber Crafter Usher. EDM Usher.

It wasn't easy—it's never easy—but the Complex music team has poured over the artist's albums and have come up with the 25 best Usher Songs List in honor of his birthday. These are our confessions: We've got it bad, but hopefully not wrong. Can you deny you still don't scream out when Yeah comes on in the club? Didn't think so.  This DJ Got Us Fallin' in love for sure.

25. "OMG" f/ (2010) 
24. "Think of You" (1994)
23. "Good Kisser" (2014)
22. "Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home)" f/ Plies (2009)
21. "Throwback" (2004) 
20. "Lovers and Friends" f/ Ludacris and Lil Jon (2004)
19. "Bad Girl" (2004)
18. "Slow Jam" f/ Monica (1997)
17. "Confessions Pt. 1" (2004)
16. "Can U Help Me" (2001)
15. "Caught Up" (2004)
14. "I Need a Girl (Part 1)" f/ P. Diddy and Loon (2002)
13. "My Boo" f/ Alicia Keys (2004)
12. "There Goes My Baby" (2010)
11. "Yeah!" f/ Ludacris and Lil Jon (2004)