It’s been a tough month for Canada. As the nation still processes the discovery of over 1,000 unmarked graves and the remains of Indigenous children at former residential school sites, many are grappling with the bitter truth that the Great White North may not be as great as they had once thought. Some education, unlearning, and relearning is in order as we begin to reframe our understanding of what Canada is. 

In the meantime, at least one thing we can take pride in is the incredible wealth of musical output this country continues to produce every day. The diversity of Canadian talent that made noise this month, from Mi’kmaq MC Wolf Castle to Zambia-born, Montreal-based rapper/producer Backxwash, offers a glimpse into the potential of what this nation could be. Some artists released tracks addressing racial injustice head-on, others dropped summertime bangers meant to offer a momentary reprieve from the harsh realities of the day. Whatever the case, there was no shortage of tunes we could get behind.

Below are some of the Canadian songs our staff rocked with the most this June.