Money doesn’t trump morality for Benny The Butcher.

During a recent conversation with the Big Facts Podcast, Benny explained that no amount of money would motivate him to do a feature with 6ix9ine.

“To be clear, I would’ve never done that shit for $10 million,” Benny said before channeling his inner Tony Montana which is the muse for his The Plugs I Met mixtape series and merch. 

“I wouldn’t’ve been able to show my face. All I got is who I am,” Benny continued. “Imagine if I did that, took that money, and came in here. How would you have looked at me? … I can’t be blatantly used like ‘Look we bought this nigga.’ That’s what they would’ve said.”

Benny’s comments come after he had a viral moment involving 6ix9ine. In January, the rapper shared a screenshot from an account acclaiming to be 6ix9ine asking for a feature. 6ix9ine later denounced the message, claiming that he’s never reached out to Benny. Benny then realized that the message was actually a prank. 

I gave this nigga my number but it was a joke. It was a prank,” Benny said to the podcast. “That wasn’t [6ix9ine]. That shit all over the fucking internet. But you know what, before I posted that and said anything about it, I sat on it for like, three days. I’m like, ‘Did this nigga really hit me?’ I’m like, ‘The audacity of these people.’ It wasn’t that nigga. It was this funny Instagram nigga.”

Fortunately for his fans, Benny doesn’t need to play with clout or have the viral moment that would come from a 6ix9ine feature for his music to sell. As one-fourth of the Griselda collective, Benny has built a loyal fanbase by delivering uncompromising street tales and acclaimed projects. This caught the attention of genre greats like Drake—who has several unreleased features with Benny—Jay-Z, and others. So instead of playing with federal informants, Benny elected to tap artists like French Montana, 2 Chainz, Jim Jones, and more for his upcoming mixtape with Harry Fraud, The Plugs I Met 2

Watch Benny The Butcher’s full appearance on the Big Facts Podcast above.