Benny the Butcher Slams 6ix9ine for Being a Snitch: 'He's a Rat, He's a F*ckin' Disgrace'

Benny the Butcher has joined the long list of Tekashi 6ix9ine naysayers, calling out the rapper for snitching on people who were his 'friends.'

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The list of Tekashi 6ix9ine detractors is ever-growing. Now, Benny the Butcher is the latest to chime in and express his disapproval of the rapper-turned-snitch.

“Anybody who's somebody with a pair of eyes coulda knew that little n***a was gon' rat,” Benny The Butcher said in a new interview with VladTV. “He's a rat. He don't deserve to be out. He don't deserve nothin'. He's a rat. I was just talkin' 'bout my n***as, the numbers that they got and nobody told nothing...He's a fuckin' rat. He's a disgrace.”

When asked if 6ix9ine will make a comeback, Benny said, “He told and give information on people that he was around who, they thought of each other as friends.”

Benny continued, “To be honest with you man, I don't even care to talk about that rat ass n***a. Imma be honest with you, man... He gon' get enough publicity... Of course people gon' go stream his music 'cause they don't live off the same type of morals that we took an oath to. He gon' do what he do. The world that I live in and the cloth that I'm cut from, he know what he deserve.”

He added that if 6ix9ine ever called him, he’d toss his phone in the trash.

Benny also took to Twitter on the same day that the VladTV interview dropped, writing, “If u not a street n***a your opinion on what go on in the streets is blind and nobody cares.” It’s unclear if the remark is connected to his 69 interview comments.

If u not a street nigga your opinion on what go on in the streets is blind and nobody cares

— BENNY THE BUTCHER (@BennyBsf) May 25, 2020

In recent days, G Herbo, Lil Tjay, Maxo Kream, and Snoop Dogg are only some of the rappers who have censured 6ix9ine for being a criminal informant.

Earlier this month, 6ix9ine released his first post-prison single “Gooba.” It later became the center of a Billboard controversy, wherein the rapper alleged that Billboard had manipulated the numbers in order to oust him out of the No. 1 spot. He's planning on dropping a new song on May 29.

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