Too Short on Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem Beef: 'It's Great For White Rap'

Too Short weighed in on the beef between Machine Gun Kelly and Eminem. "It's kind of like a big country fighting a little country," he said in an interview with TMZ.

Too Short is giving his two cents about Machine Gun Kelly's bodyguards allegedly jumping Ozark actor, Gabriel "G-Rod" Rodriguez, for calling MGK a "pussy" for talking about Eminem's family.

"Why would you go up to someone and call them a pussy, man?" Too Short told TMZ. At that moment one of Too Short's fans passed by while rapping the beginning of his 1993 hit song "Blow Job Betty." "If he called me a pussy right now, my boys would beat him up," said Short of the passerby who claimed he "wouldn't do it." 

As for the beef between MGK and Eminem, Too Short says it's good for the culture.

"It's great for white rap, it's great to have a battle. I think the fans are loving it. I don't think it's that big of a deal," he said. But if you need to know who's side he's on, it seems he's leaning toward Em.

"It's good the fact that Eminem decided to play around a little bit because we know he didn't have to. It's good man. I like that Em is in there jabbing," he said. "It's not gonna affect the game up. It's kind of like a big country fighting a little country. No matter who wins you're still like 'man you didn't have to do that to him.'" Ouch.

MGK and Eminem have been trading diss tracks for the past month. Most recently, Em dropped "Killshot," which took aim at the rapper and claimed Diddy put the hit out on Tupac.

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