YNW Melly’s Manager 100K Track Shares Message of Support for Artist’s Mother After Public Controversy Over Money

YNW Melly's murder trial was set to begin this week but has since been delayed due to unresolved legal issues. A new date has not yet been confirmed.

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YNW Melly’s manager 100K Track shared some words of support for the “Mixed Personalities” artist and his mother in a new interview that arrives following a recent public controversy over money allegedly owed.

During an appearance on the Tippie Toe Podcast, Track—as seen around the 46:25 mark in the video above—addressed Melly fans and urged listeners to not engage with “negative energy” ahead of the looming murder trial that was previously slated to begin this week but has since been delayed.

“Shout out to my little brother Melly, you know what I’m saying. Y’all pray for that boy,” 100K Track said Thursday. “Send your prayers. We don’t need no negative energy. … If you a YNW Melly fan, ain’t no lawyer, judge, prosecutor bigger than God.” From there, Track mentioned Melly’s younger brother YNW BSlime, who—per HipHopDX—was also embroiled in the recent controversy.

“Listen, I love BSlime,” he said. “That’s my little brother. Don’t get it twisted. Family argues. And like I said, Jamie—that’s that man’s mother. Regardless of how y’all feel, bro, we’re always gonna be cordial. We’re always gonna be cool because I gotta stand by my little dawg too. And that’s his mother, that’s who birthed him. And he’s gonna stand by her. It’s all love.”

Elsewhere, Track said Melly’s mother Jamie Demons-King has done “a lot for her son.” Simultaneously, he noted, she’s “going through a lot” due to her child’s situation.

In the same interview, Track—who also managed the late King Von—confirmed that Von fans can expect “multiple” posthumous albums to be released in the future.

“As a team, we’re very proud, and we feel good about what he did, and there’s more music coming, movies coming, documentaries coming,” Track said around the 16:21 mark. “His legacy is gonna live forever.” He also told fans to “expect more than one Von album, expect multiple Von albums.” See the full interview up top.

The latest Melly-focused comments from Track echo remarks he made in an Instagram post shared earlier this week (see above) in which he called for the removal of a jail call recording that started to circulate. In that reported call, Melly addressed claims of his manager owing money to his younger brother and mother, saying the latter was “complaining and lying.” 

No Jumper later shared a screenshot of a remark said to be from Jamie, who told fans she loves her son “no matter what” but is “completely heartbroken” by the situation.

“Anyone who knows me know I show love to everyone,” the comment read. “I’m going to always be here for Jamell no matter how hurt I am his mom and I love him.”

Also this week, Jamie shared an IG update stating that her son “will be home soon.”

Melly is charged with killing Christopher “YNW Juvy” Thomas Jr. and Anthony “YNW Sakchaser” William in October 2018. Also charged is Cortlen “YNW Bortlen” Henry, who will be tried separately.

This week, unresolved legal issues resulted in the delay of Melly’s trial. While no new date had been set at the time of this writing, Complex’s Shawn Setaro recently put together a thorough breakdown of what to expect when proceedings begin.

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