YK Osiris to Drake and Jas Prince: 'Im Glad Im Apart of the Family'

Is YK Osiris the newest OVO signee?

YK Osiris pressed the launch button on some serious speculation Wednesday, all by simply posting a photo with two potential makers of deals for the "Valentine" artist.

"This the most humble man on Earth," Osiris said when sharing two photos, one of him and Drake and another with Young Empire Music Group CEO Jas Prince. Osiris added that he's "glad I'm a part of the family" and even tossed in a #mobties hashtag.

Just two days ago, Osiris tagged Drake in a dollars-tossing clip:

So, what's this "family" Osiris is talking about? Could it—and this, as previously made clear, is pure speculation—be a hint that Osiris is joining the OVO family? Osiris did, after all, spent a seemingly worth-mentioning amount of time with the OVO co-founder recently. Last month, for example, he posted a different picture with Drake complete with whisper emoji and a direct OVO shout-out:

As for Prince, his inclusion in the photos could simply show that he has once again introduced Drake to a fresh up-and-coming talent and/or he's signed a deal with the burgeoning voice himself. It's also worth noting that Osiris was mentioned in a Billboardreport earlier this year regarding an apparent Def Jam deal.

So, what's the real story here? Some clarity is surely coming soon. In the meantime, revisit Lil Uzi Vert's "Valentine" rework:

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