Travis Barker Opens Up About Relationship With Kourtney Kardashian: 'It Just Comes Natural'

With any luck, the new relationship between the two longtime friends will result in a sequel to the underrated reality series 'Meet the Barkers.'


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Travis Barker, who’s maintained a breathtaking release pace over the past year with a near-constant output of new music while also readying the follow-up to blink-182’s Nine, dropped in on the Drew Barrymore Show this week to chop it up about everything from how his arrangement work on Enema of the State later launched his production prowess to his headlines-amassing relationship with Kourtney Kardashian.

About five minutes into the interview, Barker was asked by Barrymoore about a recently Instagrammed note from Kardashian in which she joked about “[destroying] each other completely.” Per Barrymoore, the sentiment is “so hot,” albeit not aligned with what she would want in a relationship.

“That’s so funny,” Barker said. “Yeah, I would prefer the opposite. I would prefer to kind of go in a blaze of glory, a ball of flames.”

Later, Barker was urged to share advice on the idea of dating someone without children vs. dating someone who—like him—has a family back at home.

“So I’ve done both,” he said. “Up until now, I would date girls that didn’t have kids. And I find it kind of hard because I think they would have trouble understanding like, ‘Well, why don’t you want to go to dinner every night with me?’ Or ‘Why don’t you want to see me every night?’ And now I’m spending time with a woman who’s, like, a great mom, who’s, like, a great friend. And you don’t have to worry about any of those things. It just comes natural. It’s like a maturity thing.”

Also crucial, Barker added, is giving each other the space to have their own lives, particularly in the earlier stages of a relationship.

“I also really like missing someone and cherishing the time that I spend with them instead of, you know, every day being with them,” he said. “Especially in the beginning of a relationship. I think missing someone is so important.”

See the full interview, which also includes some talk on the prolific drummer and songwriter’s recently launched Barker Wellness company, below:

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The new blink album, believed to be slated for later this year, will mark the third full-length (unless you count the deluxe edition of 2016’s California) to feature Matt Skiba on guitar and co-lead vocals. The Alkaline Trio founder joined the band in 2015 following Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker’s second split with Tom DeLonge, who has since continued to release music with Angels & Airwaves while routinely making headlines due to his work with To the Stars Academy of Arts & Science.

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