The Weeknd's Super Bowl 2021 Halftime Show Inspires Hilarious Meme

Not only was Abel's performance incredible, but one key moment also resulted in a slew of memes centered on the idea of looking for something.


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A mid-pandemic Super Bowl went down on Sunday night, complete with feet and balls and commercials. The real highlight of the annual spectacle, however, was the Weeknd’s expectations-meeting halftime performance.

The performance kicked into gear with the title track from Abel’s 2016 album Starboy and ultimately touched on a number of different eras from his increasingly stacked catalog. The closer, fittingly, was the still-ubiquitous After Hours single “Blinding Lights.”

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“I haven’t performed to an audience in years, so it’s exciting to perform to a crowd, finally,” Abel told Kay Adams ahead of the performance airing on Sunday night. When asked if he had been watching classic halftime moments from previous Super Bowls in preparation, Abel confirmed he had indeed.

“I’ve been watching all of them, to be honest with you,” he said. “I’ve said before that my favorite is Diana Ross’ performance.” 

As for the usual practice of special guests popping up in a halftime headliner’s set, Abel explained that his more narrative-driven take on the annual tradition meant that such cameos wouldn’t make sense.

“There wasn’t any room to fit it in the narrative in the story I was telling in the performance,” he said.

Naturally, one specific moment from the set—i.e. the intentionally hectic camera work behind the cocaine love song “Can’t Feel My Face”—has inspired a new meme that was still going strong as of Monday morning. Below, we’ve rounded up a few examples of this in action, including ponderings on everything from social distancing to unintentional Zoom mutings:

Me avoiding everyone else in the grocery store during the pandemic

— Charlie Gile (@CharlieGileNBC) February 8, 2021


Trying to take make the $25 admission price worth it when they tell you the museum is closing in 5 minutes.

— Felipe Torres Medina 🪧 ON STRIKE 🚫✏️ (@felipetmedinaa) February 8, 2021


Looking for the mute button when it's my turn to talk on the zoom

— Joe Simons (@joesimonssays) February 8, 2021


what my pizza rolls see from inside the microwave

— Ryan Schocket (@RyanSchocket) February 8, 2021


me immediately after someone gives me specific directions

— Alyssa Limperis (@alyssalimp) February 8, 2021


What my coworkers see on zoom meetings when I think my camera is off #PepsiHalftime #SuperBowl

— Meggy (@MeggyNikirk) February 8, 2021


4 year old me in the grocery store looking for my mom. #PepsiHalftime #SuperBowl

— Tyler Roney (@TylerJRoney) February 8, 2021


Me trying to find the bathroom at the club after 6 or 7 #PepsiHalftime #SuperBowl

— DJ112sa aka the Count of Monte Fisto (@DJ112sa) February 8, 2021




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