Soulja Boy on Kanye West: 'You Ain't Walt Disney'

Soulja Boy unloads on Kanye West on 'The Breakfast Club.'

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Soulja Boy seemingly held absolutely nothing back during his inaugural appearance on The Breakfast Club.

Perhaps most notably, Soulja elaborated on his recently disclosed assessment of Kanye West's legacy amid the Yandhi postponer's current era of Trumpism. "N***a, you ain't none of that," Soulja, around 39 minutes into the interview, said of Kanye's previous claims of being akin to Walt Disney and Steve Jobs. "Why you ain't come out with shit then? I came out with a whole video game console, bruh. I'm the first rapper to do that in history, bruh. You ain't Walt Disney. You ain't none of that, bruh."

Kanye, Soulja added, has simply been kissing "them folks' ass" to get to where he's at now. And as for Kanye's recent habits of embracing Trump and tweeting about Drake, Soulja—like many younger artists and fans—is angry and perplexed. "We looking at you like you goofy, bruh," he said. "You up here supporting Trump and shit, bruh. You supporting Trump, bruh? What the fuck wrong with you?" Kanye's Adidas collabs and Yeezy clothes, by Soulja's assessment, are "ugly."

Soulja also kept it candid when discussing his video game console's profitability, Tyga (Soulja stands by his previous comeback comments but wants to collab), and Drake. Discussing that whole comeback debate a bit further around 49 minutes in, Soulja—following a discussion about Meek Mill—mocked Drake in connection with the Pusha-T back-and-forth. "Stop playing me like I ain't teach Drake everything he know," Soulja said. He then let loose a few lines from Drake's Weezy-featuring Thank Me Later single "Miss Me," which does indeed include some Soulja paraphrasing.

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