Do you ever feel alone, almost as if your life has no purpose? In pursuit of that purpose, do you often feel like you're lost in a bleak world rife with nothingness? Many in the past have turned to non-news to help them cope with the looming misery of human existence. I'm not personally recommending that necessarily, but I have agreed to craft a bit of such content for an undisclosed amount of American dollars, so here we are.

At the end of the Watch What Happens Live clip up top, as you can see while watching what happens live for yourself, Kim Kardashian is asked if she'd rather be stuck in an elevator with Taylor Swift or Drake, both of whom have been the subject of Kardashian-related public disagreements in the past. "Taylor Swift," Kardashian told host Andy Cohen. That's it. That's the whole clip.

Elsewhere on this episode of WWHL, Kardashian—who was joined by Kourtney and Khloé—elaborated a bit further on the current status of her feelings toward Swift. "Over it," she said. "I feel like we've all moved on." That's it. That's the whole other clip.

Of course, moving on is indeed the wave. Though Swift briefly appeared to come across less-than-great during that whole "Famous" lyrics back-and-forth in 2016, Kanye West's subsequent descent into Trumpism (as well as Swift's eventual political boost in the opposite, inarguably better direction) flipped the script for many fans. The tour behind her most recent album, 2017's Reputation, is now the subject of a new Netflix documentary of the same name.