Saweetie Starts ‘Icy Chain Challenge’ After Performance Criticism: ‘I Heard I Was the Best Twerker in Da World’

The two-time Grammy nominee was met with some criticism following her Jingle Ball performance, presumably from people who will never see a stage in their life.


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Saweetie has issued a response to criticism she received from some over her recent performance as part of iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball event in New York. 

As you may have seen on Twitter and elsewhere in recent days, a brief clip from the performance—which sees Saweetie dancing to her recently released track “Icy Chain”—has been making the rounds. Some have used the clip, as well as other recent performances, to further their attempts at questioning the quality of the two-time Grammy nominee’s live shows.

“I heard I was the best twerker in da worrrrrrld,” Saweetie wrote on Instagram on Tuesday.

The post included a clip of the recent Complex cover star revisiting the “Icy Chain” choreography in the name of kicking off the new #IcyChainChallenge. Per Saweetie, she’ll be sharing her favorite entries.

To be clear, the overwhelming majority of the initial criticism in question surely came from people who have never performed even once in their entire life and/or from people who would never direct similar performance-based criticisms at male artists. At any rate, Saweetie and her fans are flipping the viral moment into a positive one.

Last week, Saweetie joined Doja Cat and French Montana for the latter’s official “Handstand” video. Revisit that below. At next month’s Grammy Awards, Saweetie is up for Best New Artist, as well as Best Rap Song for her Doja collab “Best Friend.”

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