Offset and Takeoff Talk Vaccine Hesitancy During Migos' 'Breakfast Club' Interview

With 'Culture III' now out in the world, the Georgia group is on a blistering press run. On 'Breakfast Club,' the conversation turned toward COVID-19.

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The extended Culture IIIrollout continued on Wednesday with a 38-minute Breakfast Club sitdown. Unfortunately, the resulting interview included vaccine misinformation.

Just four minutes into the interview, Migos shared their respective takes on when they started to realize they may not get the credit they deserve for their influence unless they spoke up on their own. While Offset said it was simply a matter of not having a new project for several years, Quavo gave a different assessment.

“Still they were countin’ out groups though,” he said. “They was always talking about other artists. You don’t ever say nothing about groups or when they talk about single artists. They don’t place us as one. So I feel like we should, with this album, I feel like we trying to stable ourselves as one whole artist. We do our thing separately and together as a whole. Migos is a one-man band.”

Later, around the 14-minute mark, the group was asked to break down who they believed should be on the “Mount Rushmore of Atlanta” alongside themselves. Immediately, Quavo mentioned Gucci Mane, to which Takeoff agreed while adding T.I. in for consideration. All three agreed that OutKast should also be represented, while Charlamagne Tha God chimed in to suggest Lil Jon, asking Migos if the crunk era helped raise them into the artists they are today.

“Yeah, for sure,” Offset said. “He created a lot of lanes for Atlanta. So you got to put the boy Lil Jon on there. He ain’t wrong. Jon, he brought a lot of people behind him.”

As for the vaccine comments, which start up around the 32-minute mark, the topic was broached after Charlamagne brought up the Culture III cut “Vaccine.” Quavo confirmed that he has indeed been vaccinated. Offset, however, has not. Charlamagne, as Angela Yee pointed out, is also not vaccinated.

“This is what I don’t get though,” Offset said. “You take the vaccine but we still gotta take COVID tests right now vaccinated and all.” 

The Breakfast Club team then explained that the vaccine is not “a cure,” with Yee noting that it’s a protection against severe disease or hospitalization. This surprised Quavo, who said he was under the impression that he could no longer get COVID-19 after receiving the vaccine. Shortly after, Charlamagne spoke up about why he says he hasn’t yet gotten the vaccine.

“I’m not an anti-vaxxer,” he claimed. “I’m just hesitant because I’ve never seen them in a rush to remedy any other issue in the Black community.”

From there, Quavo brought up the baseless magnet theory, which last made headlines due to an anti-vaxxer nurse’s attempted (and failed) public demonstration of the conspiracy theory. 

“We seen it with our own eyes,” Offset said. According to Takeoff, someone they knew had a quarter stuck to their arm, prompting Charlamagne to show them that coins and similar items can stick to one’s skin for easily explainable (and unrelated-to-vaccines) reasons.

But Offset continued:

“There’s four different versions,” he said. “I ain’t trying to do all that. And then one got canceled. I’m not trying to be a lab rat. I’ll wait. I’m probably gon’ get it.” Takeoff didn’t say definitively whether he’s vaccinated, but is heard at one point in the video up top saying “I don’t trust it.”

For the record, COVID-19 vaccines are safe and do not make you magnetic. Also, as Yee (who is vaccinated) explained on Wednesday’s show, securing the shot gives you much-needed protection as we move further into our collective return to semi-normalcy.

On that note, as always, here’s another reminder to make your own vaccine appointment if you haven’t already done so.

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