Lil Uzi Vert Urges ‘Satan’ Lyric Critics to ‘Chill a Little Bit,’ Gives Update on ‘Pink Tape’

Lil Uzi Vert has a new track on the way in which they reference both Satan and JT, prompting some to lose their minds. Here, Uzi responds to the hoopla.

Uzi is seen on the red carpet at the KCAs

Image via Getty/Christopher Polk/Variety

Uzi is seen on the red carpet at the KCAs

Lil Uzi Vert is urging those with outsized reactions to their lyrics to “just chill a little bit.”

The timely advice arrived in the form of a TMZ-shared clip on Monday, with Uzi filmed speaking with a paparazzo about a track they recently previewed during their Rolling Loud set. As previously reported with enthusiasm by this writer, the new track sees Uzi bragging that they can “make a City Girl believe in Satan.”

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Predictably, some were quick to take issue with this lyric, all while citing the usual religious reasons. As pointed out last week, the lyric itself is seemingly designed to poke fun at such criticism, which is often hurled at Uzi despite multiple genres of music having long utilized such imagery.

“Not actually Satan,” Uzi said when asked about the lyric. “But just, basically, I make a girl do whatever I say so.”

Asked what JT what thought of the lyric, Uzi revealed she was with them while they were laying down the track and that she “didn’t really think too much of it” because she “knows what I really mean.”

As for those outsized reaction havers, Uzi said they “don’t even pay attention” to such chatter. Instead, they make a point to “say whatever I want” in their art. Uzi also pointed to their own religious upbringing, adding that they don’t set out to offend anyone but aren’t necessarily concerned when any offense is claimed.

“I actually kinda just say anything I wanna say,” Uzi said. “Even if I offend people. I don’t mean to offend people but, you know, if they don’t like it they have the option to turn it off.”

Elaborating further on that last point, Uzi advised detractors “to just chill a little bit.”

See the full clip below. Of note is that Uzi also confirms that the new song in question will indeed appear on the long-teased Pink Tape, which they say should be arriving soon. “I probably got, like, two more months,” they told the paparazzo when asked when fans could expect the project.

Complex has reached out to Satan for comment. This story may be updated.

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