Larry Hoover Jr. Calls on Drake to Set Aside Issues With Kanye West and Help Free His Father

Recently, Ye publicly urged Drake to set their feud aside and join him for a special show in Los Angeles next month with the ultimate goal of freeing Hoover.

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Following Kanye West’s public feud-ending invitation to Drake, Larry Hoover’s son has also called on the latter to set aside any differences and help in the effort to secure his father’s release from prison.

In an interview with TMZ, shared Wednesday, Larry Hoover Jr.—who appears on Ye’s Donda album—praised Drake as a “leader” who could have serious impact with regards to his cause.

“Drake, you’re a leader and leaders make decisions that people follow,” he said. “And man, this would be big. This is like Michael Jackson and Prince, the one we never seen. It’s gon’ be a ripple effect. We need togetherness and peace in this hip-hop community. We need togetherness and peace in our communities all throughout the United States. Be the leader and show, lead by example.”

Hoover Jr. added that he understands the reluctance to end any such feud, which he connects to ego.

“Egos cause problems,” he said. “Let’s do this. Let’s be bigger than that.” His father, Hoover Jr. added, “would appreciate it.”

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According to Hoover Jr., Drake has already spoken with him and his mother about extending a hand and helping out “however we can.” It’s the previously reported show idea with Ye, however, that remains up in the air. 

“The concert thing, you know, we still working on that,” Hoover Jr. said. “[J. Prince] is dealing with Drake and speaking with him directly so he would have to pass the information on for that, as far as him coming all the way in. But hopefully, in a few days, it’s looking good and it’s looking like he should be moving forward to maybe take part in this whole thing.”

Elsewhere, Hoover Jr. reflected on how his participation in Donda helped people see that his father “is a human being.” He also referenced the First Step Act, which was signed into law by Trump in December 2018. Earlier this year, per the Chicago Sun-Times, a federal judge denied Hoover a First Step Act-citing sentencing break. Hoover is currently serving life in a federal prison in Colorado. At the time, an attorney for Hoover explained that the ruling in question didn’t equate to the window of opportunity being permanently shut. 

“You know, they look at my father as Larry Hoover the gangster and all the negative activity they put around his name and that the media has put there,” Hoover’s son said Wednesday. “Donda was my first opportunity to give my narrative and let people see him as a person and know who he is.” See more above via TMZ.

Earlier this week, Ye asked Drake to join him on stage in December to celebrate “the two biggest albums of the year” in Los Angeles. The “ultimate purpose,” Ye added, would be to free Hoover.

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