Drake Offers Advice After IShowSpeed Asks How To 'Get B*tches' Like Him

The advice arrives after Drake enlisted Morgan Wallen for his Theo Skudra-directed "You Broke My Heart" video.

the 6 god performs live
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the 6 god performs live

Drake carved out some time following the release of his “You Broke My Heart” video, co-starring Morgan Wallen, to offer some thoughtful advice to streaming star IShowSpeed.

The advice in question was delivered on Instagram, where the 6 god recently shared a carousel of images snapped during the production, including a shot of the car-bombing duo at the center of the Theo Skudra-helmed clip's narrative.

"[D]rake how do i get bitches like u," IShowSpeed, who last made headlines alongside Drake due to an abrupt FaceTime ending, asked in the comments.

Shortly after, Drake advised that any "barking at them off the rip" should be out of the question. Instead, give kindness a try.

"[S]top barking at them off the rip maybe just say something nice," Drake responded.

drake instagram screenshot

The "You Broke My Heart" video opens with Drake and Wallen enjoying some drinks while bonding over post-relationship woes. From there, the two are seen getting into a car that is swiftly blown to smithereens by two nearby women, played by Grace Matthews and Taylor Morris.

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In other 6 god news, we are indeed winding down another year, meaning it’s been another 12 months of my incessant praise for Drake’s aging-like-fine-wine Scorpion cut “Summer Games.” My praise, and my pleas, will most certainly continue in 2024.

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