Watch Kai Cenat Urge Twitch CEO to Unban IShowSpeed, Who Gets on His Knees and Begs

IShowSpeed was perma-banned from Twitch in late December for making offensive comments on his livestream.

Gilbert Flores / Penske Media via Getty Images

Kai Cenat is still trying to get his friend, IShowSpeed back on Twitch.

Speed has been perma-banned from Twitch since late 2021 for making offensive comments on a livestream. Now, Cenat is making pleas to Twitch’s CEO, Dan Clancy, to allow Speed back on the platform.

Cenat and Speed ran into Clancy at the Streamys this weekend. A clip of the interaction shows Cenat telling Clancy, “You gotta unban him,” while Speed gets on his knees in front of Clancy, who seems amused by the situation. The CEO then admits he doesn’t have the Twitch app on his phone so there’s nothing he can do at the moment. “If he don’t unban Speed, he’s done,” Cenat says into the camera.

Twitter: @iShowSpeedHQ

Prior to the Streamys, Cenat hopped on his livestream and said, “If Speed don’t get unbanned, I’m leaving. I said it.” According to Dexerto, Cenat quickly backtracked, saying, “Nah I’m joking, I’m lying.” 

Twitter: @SpeedUpdates1

After being banned from Twitch, Speed moved over to YouTube, where he recently was mired in more controversy when he accidentally exposed himself during a stream. He reportedly won’t be banned from the platform, even with YouTube’s policy against explicit content. Following the incident, “IShowMeat” started trending on X. 

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