Drake’s ‘For All the Dogs’ Album: Features and Production Credits

It's a great day to be a dog, and an even greater day to be a Drake fan. Here, we break down all the credits behind the 6 god's latest.

drake performing
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drake performing

Every dog has their day. For many, that day is today.

Drake’s For All the Dogs, featuring cover art designed by his son Adonis, is currently making its way through the world after several weeks of teasing. At one point amid the teasing, claims about a Dogs feature were falsely attributed to Apple Music personality Zane Lowe, who promptly set the record straight in a series of tweets.

For All the Dogs is Drake's eighth solo studio album and follows the "Summer Games" sequel denier's pair of 2022 releases, Honestly, Nevermind and the 21 Savage collab project Her Loss. The latter later birthed the still-in-progress It's All a Blur tour, coverage of which has remained expectedly consistent thanks to tossed bras and surprise guests.

For fans who enjoy taking a closer look at how an album from one of their favorite artists comes together, we've broken down all the features and production credits behind Drake's latest, as adapted from Spotify.

Of note, Kevin Durant is credited as A&R on the album.

See more below and listen to the project here.

"Virginia Beach"

Written by: Aubrey Drake Graham, C. Breaux (Frank Ocean), H,. Arsenault, J. Wuihun Ho, Noah "40" Shebib

Produced by Harley Arsenault, Noah "40" Shebib

"Amen" f/ Teezo Touchdown

Written by: A. Graham, B. Scholefield, K. Wright, L.A. Thomas, R. Stanfield

Produced by: Sango, Budgie, Teezo Touchdown

"Calling for You" f/ 21 Savage

Written by: A. Graham, C. Smalls, D. Graue, F. LeBlanc, G. Memishi, J. Milfort, M. McCollum (Lil Yachty), Noah "40" Shebib, R. Cypriano, Shéyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph (21 Savage), T. Flores

Produced by: Lil Yachty, Powrtrav, Cash Cobain, Jaystolaa, Noah "40" Shebib, GENT!

"Fear of Heights"

Written by: A. Graham, B. Saint Fort, D. Clemons, D. Ford, M. Joseph, N. Frascona, O. Yildirim, S. Gebrelul

Produced by: OZ, Nik D, Pooh Beatz, xynothing, BNYX®


Written by: A. Bevilacqua, A. Graham, Adonis G., J. Howard Luellen, M-K. Brown, T. Cremeni

Produced by: Southside, Smatt, T9C, Alessio “Lil Esso” Bevilacqua

"First Person Shooter" f/ J. Cole

Written by: A. Graham, A. Hernandez, Coleman NameI, I De Boni, J. Cole, J. Washington Jr, M. Mule, M. Samuels, O. Yildirim, T.B. Chambers

Produced by: Vinylz, Boi-1da, OZ, Tay Keith, Coleman, FNZ

"IDGAF" f/ Yeat

Written by: A. Graham, B. Saint Fort, J. Taylor, N. Smith, N. Winstone, S. Shah

Produced by: BNYX®, Sebastian Shah

"7969 Santa" f/ Teezo Touchdown & Snoop Dogg

Written by: A. Graham, A. Lustig, B. Saint Fort, J. Sweet, K. Cozart, L.A. Thomas, N. Lieberthal, T. Lament Taylor, T. Pittman

Produced by: nyan, Alex Lustig, Jahaan Sweet, BNYX®

"Slime You Out" f/ SZA

Written by: A. Graham, B. Saint Fort, C. Powell, D. Tennant, G. Lapointe, N. Cadastre, Noah "40" Shebib, S. Rowe

Produced by: Drake, Noel Cadastre, BNYX®Noah "40" ShebibDalton Tennant

"Bahamas Promises"

Written by: A. Graham, J. Swee, tR. Nelson

Produced by: Jahaan Sweet, Ray “Quasi” Nelson

"Tried Our Best"

Written by: A. Graham, J. Sweet, Noah "40" Shebib

Produced by: Jahaan Sweet, Noah "40" Shebib

"Screw the World Interlude"

Written by: A O'Bryant, A. W. Felder, D. Reeves, J C Olivier, J. Hutchins, K. Walker, L. Smith, N. Jones, N. R. Harris, S. Barnes

Produced by: DJ Screw

"Drew a Picasso" f/ Sampha

Written by: A. Graham, D. Wagner, E. Brown, John Alexander Hyszko, K. Karimi, Noah "40" Shebib, P. Campbell, S. Sisay, T. Lumpkins

Produced by: Young Troy, Eli Brown, Tommy Parker, Sauceboy, TheBoyKam, Dnny Phntm, Noah "40" Shebib

"Members Only" f/ PartyNextDoor

Written by: A. Graham, J. Brathwaite, Noah "40" Shebib, S. Vidal

Produced by: Stwo, Noah "40" Shebib

"What Would Pluto Do"

Written by: A. Graham, B. Pepple, B. Saint Fort, G. Memishi, M. McCollum

Produced by: Lil Yachty, GENT!, Bangs, BNYX®

"All the Parties" f/ Chief Keef

A. Graham, B. Saint Fort, Coleman Name, Fierce Name, H. Arsenault, J Dolla Name, M. Bidaye, M. Samuels

Produced by: BNYX®, Maneesh, Harley Arsenault, J Dolla, Boi-1da, Fierce, Coleman

"8am in Charlotte"

Written by: A. Graham, D! Williams, J. Woodland, L. Santi, M. Dragoi, N. Eskridge

Produced by: Conductor Williams, Mario Luciano, Jason Wool

"BBL Love Interlude"

Written by: A. Graham, K. Barua, L.A. Thomas

Produced by: Kid Masterpiece

"Gently" f/ Bad Bunny

Written by: A. Graham, B. Ocasio, D. Blackmon, N. Frascona, O. Yildirim

Produced by: OZ, Nik D, Gordo

"Rich Baby Daddy" f/ Sexyy Red and SZA

Written by: A. Graham, B. Saint Fort, D. Blackmon, D. Ford, F. Welch, I. Summers, J. Klahr, J. Wherry, M. Fellander-Tsai, R. Zastenker, S. Barot, S. Rowe, T. Schaeferdiek, Y. Chain

Produced by: Gordo, Klahr, Richard LIOHN Zastenker, BNYX®, The Loud Pack, Uv killin em, Dougie F

"Another Late Night" f/ Lil Yachty

Written by: A. Graham, D Jackson, M. McCollum

Produced by: Childboy, Lil Yachty

"Away From Home"

Written by: A. Graham, B. Saint Fort, J. Raisen, L. Levine, M. McCollum

Produced by: Lil Yachty, Sad Pony, BNYX®, Justin Raisen, Lukas

"Polar Opposites"

Written by: A. Graham, A. Walters, B. Pepple, G. Memishi, M. McCollum, Noah "40" Shebib, O. Gomez

Produced by: Lil Yachty, GENT!, Bangs, Anthoine Walters, Beatmenace, Noah "40" Shebib

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