Drake Addresses Criticism Over People Thinking He Took 14-Minute Private Jet Flight

Drake has offered fans and critics alike some claimed clarity after being named among a number of celebs in connection with brief private flights.

Drake comments on airplane story

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Drake comments on airplane story

Drake has addressed criticism spurred by reports of having taken a brief private flight from Toronto to Hamilton earlier this month.

As is common knowledge by now, the @CelebJets Twitter account has garnered a great deal of attention in recent months thanks to its tracking of wealthy travelers’ flights, including the approximate length of such excursions. This has often resulted in a larger conversation about how this type of wealth-enabled travel not only exemplifies the ever-expanding gap between the haves and have-nots, but also contributes to the litany of climate issues currently facing the planet.

Canadians will complain about climate change then pay thousands to go to the next Drake concert, acting like he isn’t taking his private jet on flights from Hamilton to Toronto.https://t.co/jtISJI6kLB pic.twitter.com/n5lEdSDNNQ

— Temur Durrani (@temurdur) July 22, 2022

A previous tracked flight connected to Drake, this time from Hamilton to Toronto, was listed at 18 minutes in length back on July 12.

Drake instagram comment for news post

Offering some clarity amid a larger discussion that has also seen Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott facing similar climate-focused criticism, Drake addressed “anyone who was interested in the logistics.”

“This is just them moving planes to whatever airport they are being stored,” he wrote in an Instagram comment on the @RealTorontoNewz page, closing with a definitive “nobody takes that flight.”

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