Beyoncé’s Rumored Rock Album: Fans Hoping to Hear Tina Turner, Playboi Carti, Paramore, blink-182, and More

After the launch of the country-inspired 'Cowboy Carter' album, could Bey be closing out the trilogy with a mosh-ready collection of rock joints?

Performer on stage waving, wearing a black leather outfit with a belt and a wide-brimmed hat
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Performer on stage waving, wearing a black leather outfit with a belt and a wide-brimmed hat

While Beyoncé’s country-inspired Cowboy Carter isn’t quite a week old, fans are understandably already speculating about how the singer might wrap up her planned trilogy. Namely, could she be tackling rock's history next?

if act iii IS rock-focused, which rock artists would y’all want to see on the track list?

— cowboy troy (@hthaze) March 31, 2024

Such speculation received one hell of a boost back in February after Bey rocked an impressive mullet for a CR Fashion Book photo shoot, with fans pointing to the pics as proof that a rock-focused third chapter was on the way.

Post-Cowboy Carter, the speculation has only continued to build. Fans have gotten specific with regards to who, and what, they're hoping to hear on this hypothetical (for now) rock turn from the 32-time Grammy winner. Most recently, the Rockyoncé talk procured more fuel for the hype fire thanks to a timely handwritten note, paired with flowers, that saw Bey telling Third Man Records founder (and previous Lemonade collaborator) Jack White “how much you inspired” her work on Act II.

White is far from the only rock music figure to have recorded and/or performed with Bey over the years. In 2004, she and the late Prince unforgettably opened that year's Grammys ceremony with a medley including “Purple Rain” and “Crazy in Love.” 12 years later, she joined the Chris Martin-fronted Coldplay for the band's Super Bowl 50 halftime show, where she performed the Lemonade-launching “Formation.”

View this video on YouTube

View this video on YouTube

Like with Cowboy Carter and its inclusion and celebration of Black country artists who are often unfairly not given the same due as white artists, a potential rock album from Bey could see her diving deep into rock’s history. For one, the very existence of rock 'n' roll at large can be traced straight back to the work of influential Black musicians. From there, the music’s skyrocketing popularity and continued experimentation led to numerous subgenres, from punk to alternative.

With that in mind, it's easy to see why fans are so stoked on the idea of a (again, theoretical) rock-inspired album from Beyoncé. Below, see a wide-ranging sampling of who, and what, fans are hoping to hear on Act III. The list is fittingly lengthy and includes but is certainly not limited to: a Tina Turner cover (and/or a posthumous feature) plus collaborations with Paramore, Fall Out Boy, Playboi Carti, blink-182, Brittany Howard, and more.

If #ActIII is a rock album, I need Beyoncé to do a cover of Rock Me Baby by Tina Turner. She has the growl, the sex appeal and the creativity to absolutely smash that song. #Beyonce

— Cowboy LaShoncé (@lupitabaeyongo) March 29, 2024

@paramore @evanescence @piercetheveil @blink182 GET YALL ASS IN THE STUDIO FOR ACT 3!!!! BEYONCE NEEDS YALL

— 2727🤍✨ (@_aniyagraham) March 29, 2024

If Beyoncé’s Act iii is indeed a rock album, I hope she covers Ram Jam’s “Black Betty.”

The 70s tracks is now a staple for Black queer DJ’s who play house music. #COWBOYCARTER

— Carlos (@carlosjharris) March 30, 2024

Now if Beyonce’s does do a Rock album imma need to see paramore on it. 🙂

— 𓂀 𝕸 𝖔 𝖓 𝖙 𝖊 𝖗 𝖔 𓂀 (@ayoitstero) April 2, 2024

if beyonce does a rock album…heres how we can get a beyonce x fall out boy song….

— jolyne 🍉| GOT GET BUSY LIVING!!! (@mrsandmansbeam) March 30, 2024

If act iii is rock, she definitely got that tina turner feature on there. #beyonce

— Lexy Jayye (@sagvenus1) March 29, 2024

Beyoncé better call them if act iii is a rock album

— Jack Roskopp (@jackroskopp) March 29, 2024

all i got to say is if beyoncé’s next album is rock, i’m going to need pierce the veil on it!

— druberry 🫐 (@druskiiiiiiii) March 29, 2024

if playboi carti don’t make it we riot

— cherise johnson (@yourCheriseAmor) April 2, 2024

@Beyonce is never gonna see any of my tweets but ima @ her everytime. If actiii is rock. Samantha mumba, muni long, Macy grey, Haley Williams (paramore), @LilTunechi (Mr Carter rock rmx.. idk chile 🔥), Travis barker…. 2 the stage! So manyyyyy but this off the top tho…

— Tone (@__ToneLoc) April 1, 2024

Me when Beyoncé calls up Paramore & Evanescence for verses on for ACT III

— Drebae (@Drebae_) March 29, 2024

Hayley williams on act iii watch this space!

— HEEDlE (@heyheedie) March 28, 2024

Will any of this ultimately come to pass? Hard to say. However, it's not been lost on fans that Bey does indeed mention protecting someone “in the mosh pit” on the Cowboy Carter track “Bodyguard.”

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