Akon Says He Didn't Lose Any Friends Over Working With 6ix9ine: 'This Is a Business'

Akon's new 'Ain't No Peace' mixtape, featuring Rick Ross and more, is out via streaming services today. Still to come is a "Locked Up" remix with 6ix9ine.

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On Friday, Akon dropped his new mixtape Ain't No Peace on streaming services via his own Konvict Kulture label. Ahead of the new project's release, Akon again joined DJ Whoo Kid for a social distancing-friendly interview.

At the top of the discussion, Akon was asked about working with 6ix9ine on an impending sequel/remix to his 2004 hit "Locked Up." Asked if getting involved with 6ix9ine had cost him any personal relationships, Akon said it hadn't.

"I don't recall losing any [friends]," he said. "If I did, they ain't tell me. … This is a business. If our personal relationship is affected by our business, then that ain't no real friendship." 

DJ Whoo Kid then asked about the fan reaction to the remix, which Akon characterized as being exactly what he was aiming for with the collab.

"I want people to really react on it," Akon said. "Let it be a real conversation. I feel like, at the end of the day, his side wasn't really told and it still ain't really told. But I think it's more about people understanding why I made this record in the first place. This record 'Locked Up' was my personal experience and then it just touched a lot of real n***as that just happened to be locked up. But if you've ever been locked up, you'll know also that, dude, there's more snitches in jail than there is real n***as, right? The jails are, right now, filled with snitches, the people that's cooperating with the police. … Everybody got a story and I don't think that we should be in a position to judge who should tell it."

Up top, catch Akon's discussion in full.

Ain't No Peace, featuring guest spots by Rick Ross and others, is out now. Grab it below via Spotify.


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